Tired of Ordinary?

Interlocking Real Wood Panel System for Home and Office


Repurposed Wood Wall Installation

TwigWalls™ DIY Kit

TwigWalls™ is an interlocking real wood panel system. Each panel is crafted with actual reclaimed wood and will let you easily create beautiful spaces.

We have seen how a wood accent wall can transform a space. Making it feel warm and inviting. Until now, putting up a real decorative wood wall with satisfying straight lines was a challenge, to say the least. Twig has changed that with our interlocking pre-aligned system.

We hope TwigWalls™ will supercharge your creativity by giving you a tool to easily bring the wood wall you are envisioning to your home or office space. From nook to mural, TwigWalls™ helps you produce beautiful wood walls.

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About us

We design panels with a simple, old school wooden style.

Elegant Design

Interlocking real wood panels ensure that your wood wall will be easy to put up and beautifully straight.


Our wood is all repurposed. That means wood that may have ended up in a landfill gets another chance to show off its natural beauty.


Since each Twig™ DIY kit is interchangeable you are free to expand your project to as many surfaces as you like.